Mortgage Rates Decreased to 5.33%

Mortgage rates decreased 15 basis points, while 10 Year US Treasuries decreased 9 bps, thus spread decreased by 6 bps to 258 bps or 90 bps ABOVE the 168 bps average.  

Fannie, Freddie and U.S. Housing Finance Reform

On August 7, President Obama suggested that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should go out of business, as he called for “a return of private capital, [to] put the risk and rewards associated with mortgage lending in the hands of private actors, not the taxpayers.”

2+2=4, But So Do a Lot of Things

In this Situation Analysis, LANDCO Principal David Rosenbaum examines how, in the tree of knowledge, economics does not branch from mathematics, but from politics and why we can be too easily dazzled by the numbers.