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Mortgage Rates Continue to Decrease

For the week ending 7.7.22 Mortgage rates decreased 43 bps to 5.50%. For a $100,000 loan the monthly payment decreased $27 to $568/mo. or $19/day. 30 Year Mortgage Rates While …

Mortgage Rates Decreased to 5.93%. Are Rates Stabilizing?

For the week ending 6.30.22 Mortgage rates decreased 8 bps to 5.93%. For a $100,000 loan, the monthly payment decreased by $6 to $595 which is equal to around $20 …

Fannie, Freddie and U.S. Housing Finance Reform

On August 7, President Obama suggested that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should go out of business, as he called for “a return of private capital, [to] put the risk and rewards associated with mortgage lending in the hands of private actors, not the taxpayers.”

2+2=4, But So Do a Lot of Things

In this Situation Analysis, LANDCO Principal David Rosenbaum examines how, in the tree of knowledge, economics does not branch from mathematics, but from politics and why we can be too easily dazzled by the numbers.

Retail Risk: A First Mortgage Doesn’t Mean What It Once Meant

In this analysis, LANDCO Principal David Rosenbaum examines a question recently put forth by Marc Andreesen and the implications for LANDCO: What if e-commerce reduces in-store sales, even by just a little bit? And what happens if the loss of volume is not just temporary, but structural?

Cyprus, the Cost of Doing Business, and Austerity: Why LANDCO Shorts Real Estate

In this analysis, LANDCO Principal David Rosenbaum examines the role of austerity in our current economic climate.

The Commercial Real Estate Environment

Q3-09 Situation Analysis The Commercial Real Estate Environment — 2009: Beginning in 2005, commercial real estate prices began to depart from a 20-year trend of 1.4% annual growth. This was …