Mark Lester

Audio 4: Amortization

Lower payments are not the singular benefit. Amortization and the effects of interest rates are explored. Here a discussion on

Audio 2: Pension Fund Hedge

Pension funds seek protection from inflation by investing in real estate. Hear an explanation of how this process began and

Audio 1: Interest Impact

Watching the Fed. Listen to a discussion of interest rates and their impact on real estate equity brought to you

Video 10: Raising Capital

The relation of capital and real estate is critical to the success of an investment. There are many possibilities and

Video 9: Crowd Funding

The Jobs Act of 2012 loosened regulations governing capital raising. Though very much in its infancy, alternative funding sources have

Video 8: Politics and Real Estate

Communities leverage property owner rights through a series of codes, restrictions, permitting processes, ordinances, taxes and laws. A general discussion