LANDCO has extensive experience in the office and retail real estate sectors throughout all phases of the market cycle. The Company’s principals have owned and operated more than $458M in the commercial real estate sector. LANDCO believes that many of the opportunities in this Commercial sector will require a strategy of repositioning and/or repurposing of the real estate.


The Company’s Office projects include over $350MM in book value acquisitions drawing on skill set requirements from all of LANDCO’S professional disciplines and network.


LANDCO’s Retail projects include over $108M in book value acquisitions. This asset class is highly specialized and requires the unique insights and reliable expertise of LANDCO’S professional network in each of its targeted geographic markets. The Company believes changing consumer preferences make this a real estate sector ripe with opportunities.

Acquisition strategies

Our Commercial acquisition strategies are unconventional and rely on a myriad of search processes that take us outside the conventional trading arena. We believe that how we buy our assets very much determines the investments outcome and as such, this is where we put the LANDCO emphasis.

Recent commercial transaction

In a recent commercial transaction LANDCO identified a well-located urban office building in CBD that had been vacated.  Ownership wanted a quick sale to a willing and qualified buyer and LANDCO responded to the opportunity.

LANDCO assessed that the regions problems were temporary and that the building would be first in line as demand for office space stabilized (and well positioned with lease rates below the competition).  We believe this opportunity may have been hidden to other investors blinded by the overabundance of supply.

LANDCO Commercial