The LANDCO’s track record includes extensive experience in the residential real estate sector throughout all phases of the market cycle. The Company’s residential ventures have included large multifamily, condominium, single-family and town home projects under various investment strategies. LANDCO principals have owned and operated more than $483M in the residential sector.

LANDCO management believes that today’s investors seeking stable returns with low interest rates have driven cap rates to a point where conventional approaches to acquisition have become unfeasible.

Our strategy in this sector now includes alternative approaches for acquisition: such as acquiring interests in partnerships where a principal is in need of an exit; providing capital when required for a unique expansion or repositioning; or providing the capital when a unique new project is in need of debt or equity.

Pending Residential Transaction

LANDCO recently identified a loan portfolio secured by multifamily assets owned by a governmental entity in need of capital and repositioning. Complex affordability requirements are an impediment to conventional financing and as such repositioning is possible only with a new capital structure. The Company believes it can achieved a purchase price at below fair value when LANDCO provides the financial and operational “where with all” to fix the problem.

LANDCO Residential