Strategic Opportunity: Multi-Family Rentals

A. Disciplines

  • Rehab & Repair
  • Repositioning
  • Mortgage Workout
  • Asset Management
  • Turnaround
  • Consulting

B. Virtues of Multi-Family Investment

1. Utility

  • Basic necessity
  • Everyone needs a roof over their head … but not necessarily an extra 1,000 sf of office or a new retail outlet
  • Elastic — always a tenant at some price
  • Growing population — especially renters
  • Relatively easy to finance and sell

2. Straightforward Management

  • Residential far simpler than commercial & retail
  • Tenant credit — fairly straightforward to determine
  • Billing — doesn’t involve complex common area charge-backs
  • Leases are all uniform — no special terms
  • Leases are independent — they don’t require “anchor” tenants for example
  • Marketing is simple — no need to recruit a tenant in a certain business or of a certain size
  • Building use is for residential purposes — does not have to be adapted to particular business functions
  • Tenant improvements are always the same — do not have to be customized to the use of various tenants

C. Risk Management