Extensive experience in land investment dates to LANDCO’s origins and includes development, agricultural, and resource investments at all points of the market cycle. LANDCO principals have owned more than $440M in land sector ventures.

LANDCO pursuits have involved sensitive waterfront lands where complicated environmental considerations would have made it impossible to develop but for a willingness to designate assets for a greater public use. LANDCO has worked with USACE (United States Army Corp of Engineers), DLNR (Department of Land and Natural Resources), US Trust for Public Lands, California Coastal Commission, and a myriad of other public agencies.


A targeted land development opportunity typically involves entitlement where the highest and best use is not fully realized or recognized. Development risk can be mitigated by limiting involvement just to the improved value resulting from a change in use. Understanding the political process and engaging the best local expertise in any given geographic market is critical to success.

A recent land transaction

A recent assemblage and sale of a group of land parcels resulted from the LANDCO pursuit of a defaulted loan and discovery by LANDCO of an alternative highest and best use for the land and surrounding property.

The loan was secured by property where natural resources along with a barge riverfront offloading and railroad came together in a large MSA. An assemblage of five parcels, not before under common ownership, and was repurposed and eventually sold to an investment group. Although further development processing would have proven lucrative, profits were captured and risk was eliminated with an early sale.