Mortgage Rates Decrease By 3 BPS

At the start of 2022 mortgage rates increased FASTER than the 10-year Treasury rates. This past week the 10 Year treasury rates increased 17 bps while Mortgage rates decreased by 3 bps thus a 20 bps decrease in spread occurred.

Mortgage Rates Decreased to 5.33%

Mortgage rates decreased 15 basis points, while 10 Year US Treasuries decreased 9 bps, thus spread decreased by 6 bps to 258 bps or 90 bps ABOVE the 168 bps average.  

Mortgage Rates decreased 1 BPS to 5.30%

MORTGAGE RATES ARE NOW WELL ABOVE 5.00% and decreased 1 bps to 5.30%. For a $100,000 loan, the monthly payment decreased by $1 to $555 which is equal to $0.02 a day.

Can The Fed Move Fed Funds WITHOUT Causing An Increase in Mortgage Rates?

With the STEEP short-term portion of the Yield Curve, the Fed can increase Fed Funds by nearly 200 bps and yet have no changes in longer-term Treasuries (ie 5+ years).  The result can still have a “normal” shaped Yield Curve. In fact, a Yield Curve shape is very similar to the pre-COVID-19 Yield Curve.