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Mortgage Rates Rise But Will Anyone Feel The Effects?

Mortgage Rates Today Mortgage rates increased 3 basis points this week to 5.74% down from a high of 6.01% in June 2022. To put this increase into perspective, for a …

Is Housing Still In Demand?

On July 26th the DEMAND SIDE data is scheduled to be released on Unit sales, Price, and Months of Inventory. While new home sales are up to 850,000, the volume being built is nowhere …

Alert – Mortgage Rates to Break 6.00%

10 Year US Treasury rates are up 39 basis points.  This will cause mortgage rates to exceed 6.00% in the next 10 days.  In addition, 1-year US Treasuries are up 54 bps. This …

2+2=4, But So Do a Lot of Things

In this Situation Analysis, LANDCO Principal David Rosenbaum examines how, in the tree of knowledge, economics does not branch from mathematics, but from politics and why we can be too easily dazzled by the numbers.

Political Climate Change

2nd of 5 parts on climate change and real estate by David Rosenbaum: The guys in the green jerseys are in the LEED. That’s exactly where real estate must go in order to stay in the game. The future is with environmental regulation.