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Mortgage Rates Rise But Will Anyone Feel The Effects?

Mortgage Rates Today Mortgage rates increased 3 basis points this week to 5.74% down from a high of 6.01% in June 2022. To put this increase into perspective, for a …

Is Housing Still In Demand?

On July 26th the DEMAND SIDE data is scheduled to be released on Unit sales, Price, and Months of Inventory. While new home sales are up to 850,000, the volume being built is nowhere …

Will Treasury Rate Increases Continue to Put Pressure on Mortgage Rates?

10 Year US Treasury rates increased 17 basis points for the week ending June 2nd, 2022.  This will put upward pressure on this coming week’s mortgage rates.  The short-term yield curve remains …

Commercial Real Estate/High Net Worth Investment Conference: Key Takeaways

On Thursday, June 27th, LANDCO sent a small delegation to the National Real Estate Investor’s Commercial Real Estate/High Net Worth Investment Conference in New York City. Read the key “takeaway” points, from our point of view.

Fishing for Capital

Fishing is a sportsman’s experience that brings many benefits even if the catching is minimal or altogether non-existant. A successful fishing trip can be sighting a rare species of wildlife or a day spent with a 10-year-old son. Capital raising, unlike fishing, does not bring collateral benefits and is generally considered a failure without funding. It can be a very expensive and discouraging experience. The benefit of capital raising is only one-funding.