Situation Analysis

Fishing for Capital

Fishing is a sportsman’s experience that brings many benefits even if the catching is minimal or altogether non-existant. A successful fishing trip can be sighting a rare species of wildlife or a day spent with a 10-year-old son. Capital raising, unlike fishing, does not bring collateral benefits and is generally considered a failure without funding. It can be a very expensive and discouraging experience. The benefit of capital raising is only one-funding.

Foreclosure Resolution

Q3-11 Situation Analysis Rental Housing Elizabeth Duke, a Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, spoke on September 1

Time and Money

Q2-11 Situation Analysis We know that money is prone to change in value. When it is relatively easy to come

Deficit Dove

Q4-10 Situation Analysis Like almost all businesses, and every small one, LANDCO relies on employed persons with good wages to