Target Market

U.S. residential and commercial property that is physically or financially distressed amounts to over $500 billion in value. This includes land in various status of entitlement, buildings in various state of occupancy, repair and utility, junior and senior mortgages collateralized by same and mortgage backed securities.

  • Lending institutions burdened by an unprecedented amount of impaired assets
    • GSE’s
    • FDIC insured lenders & servicers
    • CMBS bondholders & special servicers
    • Private lenders
  • Investors focused on the opportunity in distressed real estate
    • Hedge funds
    • Private equity funds
    • Institutional and non-institutional sources of equity and subordinated debt
  • Consumers seeking solutions or opportunities in a distressed housing market
    • Potential renters
    • Underwater or defaulted borrowers
    • Individual investors
  • Land and mineral rights owners look to develop
    • Resource plays
    • Investment capital
    • Private equity funding