A Buyer's Market

Millions of foreclosed homes, defaulted and underwater mortgages are in the supply pool. Lack of confidence has depleted the demand pool at every level. Among homebuyers, unemployment and lack of credit are additional constraints. There is far more available real estate than willing buyers. The market is primed for acquisitional opportunities in single family homes and other residential property, including “busted condos”, subdivision land, and apartments. Home mortgages and commercial property loans are available at discount, and management is in demand for rental property and mortgage workouts.
  • Millions of homes foreclosed or at risk of foreclosure
    • Repair & renovation
    • Resale
    • Leasing
    • Management
    • Mortgage resolution, credit enhancement

  • Banks faced with the reality of asset resolution
    • Real estate owned (REO) property management, maintenance and disposition
    • Non-performing and impaired loans for sale
    • Balance sheet repair & recapitalization
    • Commercial asset revaluation & disposition, especially land & construction

  • Finance Group resembles banks in need for asset resolution / disposition
  • Renting is a new economic reality for millions of Americans
    • Single-family portfolios
    • Multi-family investments

  • Natural Resources