Unemployment Claims Rise Due to Fed’s Announcement of Rate Hike

Unemployment claims are available each WEDNESDAY. They have been increasing since the Fed announced its intention to increase interest rates to address inflation concerns. As the weekly claim filings increase, it will eventually slow the growth of the MONTHLY Net New Jobs total.

Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims

30 Year Mortgage Rates

WEEKLY Mortgage rates are available each THURSDAY. Rates have been increasing as the Fed ramps up its efforts to address inflation concerns.

Upcoming Week:

Leading Business Indicator and Consumer Confidence

Existing Home Sales and Prices

Existing Homes Supply For Sale and Pending Sale Index

New Home Sales and Prices

New Homes Supply For Sale and New Home Starts

October 20 thru 27, 2022—-Upcoming Week’s Data that Could Impact Treasury and Mortgage Rates • Monthly data updates in blue • Weekly data on Unemployment Claims–Wednesday and Mortgage rates—Thursday

Bill Knudson, Research Analyst Landco ARESC